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FAQs Spring Youth Teams

Individual Registration is available only at this link
If you have questions about INDIVIDUAL sign up please call 503-638-9777

Q: We have TEAM to Register for for Spring Youth Session, how do I do this and what is the deadline to Register?
A: Fill out one of these forms depending on your preference, FUTSAL or  INDOOR
Deadline is typically at least 1 week prior to session start date.

Q: I don't have a team to register for Spring League, but I really want my son/daugther to play Indoor Soccer and/or Futsal at Tualaltin Indoor this Spring, can I do this?
A: Yes, but you must act quickly and get enrolled with our Spring partner Willamette United Soccer Club, click this link to get started and the details.

Q: When will the Spring Youth Schedule be available online to view?
A: At least a few days prior to your First Game. We also contact each team manager by phone and emal.

Q: How many games do we play in the Spring Youth Session?
A: 8 Games per session. 

Q: What are the costs for our team to play at TIS in the Winter II Session?
A: TIS League Team Registration cost is $635 per Indoor Soccer team or $535 per Indoor FUSTAL team, paid directly to TIS before the start of your first game.

Q: What about the Referee fees? How are they paid?
A: Each team pays the Referee $8 per game, paid in Cash before kickoff. This is a separate fee from the TEAM league Registration fee paid to TIS.

Q: What about a TIS Youth Player's/ID Card?
A: Each youth player at TIS needs to purchase a current 2012/2013 TIS Player Card.
Youth cost is $10 per card.
TIS Youth ID cards are renewable each year on September 1st.
VERY IMPORTANT if you have not had a previous playing card from TIS you will need to have your parent/guardian sign our waiver form
BEFORE you play in any contest at TIS, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Reminder, if TIS has a record of your previous player card with a Waiver Signature on file you need only pay the $10 renew fee and get a new photo/card.
We also have a ONE-TIME guest player card available for just $5, it can only be used one time a year and is designed to allow Guest players to come and help a team.

Q: Who can sign the player card waiver form?
A: If you are under  the age of 18 only your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) can sign the TIS waiver form. 
Make sure the first time you come to play at the arena you have your parent present to sign the form, not your older sister or brother, not your neighbor who brought you to the game-not your teammate’s parent; those individuals cannot sign for you as a Guardian or Parent.

Q: Do my parents/guardians need to sign the form each year I play at TIS?
A: No, your parents/guardians only need sign the waiver first time you receive your initial TIS player card.

Q: What day or days should we expect our youth team to play during the Spring Session? 
Also what time(s) will our games be played?
A: Futsal League Play is on Saturday's during the Spring Youth Session. Morning to later afternoon.

A: INDOOR LEAGUE  will use Sunday's as the Primary Play date in the Spring (Afternoons)
Some Saturday's may be used if needed. 
Please contact TIS Manager for specifics about play dates for Indoor Spring Youth teams.

Q: When does the Spring Youth Session Begin and End?
A: The Spring Session for youth Begins the weekend of March 16th ends the weekend of May 18/19th.

Q: Will games be scheduled over Oregon Spring Break? March 23rd to March 31st?
A; No

Q: Can we make a special request with certain times or dates not to play?
A: Yes, but the only way to get consideration for a time not to play is to contact us BEFORE the SPRING schedule has been published.

Q: Can we reschedule a game?
A: After the schedule is published online, it is each individual team's responsibility to make any schedule change. We will assist a team requesting a change by giving them the contact numbers of all teams who could be impacted by their rescheduling requests. There is No charge for schedule change. In most cases a minimum of 3 teams have to adjust their game schedules to meet the request of a single team. This process can only take place with the blessing of all 3 impacted teams and then written approval from TIS. If all of these criteria are met than a reschedule is permitted.

Q: We are registering 2 or 3 youth indoor/Futsal teams (actually splitting 1 outdoor team into 2 or 3 indoor/Futsal teams) at TIS our coaches and parents don't want our split teams to face each other we also would like our games be played back to back. Can TIS take care of our special requests?
A: If the league your split teams are placed in has a minimum of 10 teams-TIS can usually help you avoid playing your split teams. In leagues with fewer than 9 teams the chances are strong you may face your split team at least once. If the teams elect to play in different leagues- then they will not play one another. Back to Back matches are possble when the teams are in the same league, this is not a gaurantee that it will happen but we will do our best to help.

Q: Roster Size maximum/minimum for Futsal & Indoor Soccer
A:  Unlimited. Recommend only 10 Players for Futsal squads
Q: Our team is playing in an outdoor Spring league.
How do you handle scheduling around both of these activities?
A: The key with any potential legitimate team conflict (outdoor Spring League or Out of State Travel Tournament) is to let us know BEFORE the TIS schedule is published NOT AFTER.

Q: Do I need to bring my child's birth document when issuing the TIS Player card?
A: No. The only time TIS might ask for a copy of your birth document or Club issued player pass is if an opposing team challenges or questions the age of a player. The challenging team (coach) must make a written and formal request to TIS. Then TIS will then ask for proof of age in the form of a birth document or club player card- only if a challenge has merit will any player be asked to prove their age.